Schoenbrunn Village Fair



Jim Cummings

English Type G Musket by Ken Netting

49' barrel  62 cal.  brass furniture cherry stock

Everett pistol                                             Brian  Featheringill
Roy Howman Horn                                    Craig Rearick
Peter Goebel tea Kettle                            Trisha Abbruzzi 
Stash David knife                                      Ken Ash
Hoffman Reproduction knife                    Jay Tolloti
Fire irons/turkey call                                  R. Keller
Leathers of the Past bag 
accessories   Kevin Cochenour
Southern horn  and original horn              Phil Rittall
Hand made basket                                    Deb Greter
Common Ground plate                             Dan Louaka
Native leg ties                                            Lee Thompson
Bushnell Bottle glassware                        Paul Bregewzsh
Brass compass                                         Dan Saunders
Silver earrings - 2 sets                               Tim Krajcik
Charcoal print - framed                             Seth Rieger
Corn boiler and candles                           Adam Stevenson
Wild Willy pipe case                                 Ken Hoit
Native leg ties                                           Don Wallbaum
Hand sewn haversack                              Howard Johnson


The proceeds from this raffle will be used for the operation of the Trade Fair for 2013