Schoenbrunn Village Fair

2015 Schoenbrunn Village Trade Faire Raffle Winners


Ken Netting Fowler                                                                          Daniel O’Connell

Jim Everett pistol                                                                             Lou Tommelleo

Stash David Pipe Axe                                                                       Tim Dowler

Hoffman/Darrel Lang

Axe with carriage                                                                             Mark Cory

Shooting bag from Matt Wulff                                                          Nick David

Common Ground Pottery Plate                                                        Deb Summers

Roy Howman Powder Horn                                                              Danny Spring

Wild Willy Native Pipe                                                                       Daniel Cain

Tim Dowler Turkey Call and Stitches in Tyme

Tin Pot with Candles                                                                        Tony Peto

Janet VanMeter Leg Ties                                                                   Trent Bobbitt

Jewelry and pin cushion                                                                 Tom Faith

Folding Knife and forged spoon                                                      Steve Hardbarger

Leg Ties and folding knife                                                                Mike Pullins

18th century Shaving Brush                                                              Steve Hardbarger

Framed photo by Jim Cummings                                                     Tim Dowler