Jury Rules

Schoenbrunn Colonial Trade Faire

October 21- 22 2023

 Mandatory Rules

1.)      Participants must remain in period clothing at all times. Vehicles are not permitted in the Village area after 9:00 am. The Faire Committee will review your appearance, camp, accouterments, food, etc.

2.)      All items that are used or sold during the Colonial Trade Faire must be authentic for the period 1750 thru 1789. This includes clothing, furnishings, guns, knives, shoes, hats, baggage, eating utensils, cooking utensils, trunks, etc. No Western or Plains Indian articles should be used or sold. Items deemed not authentic by the Faire Committee must be removed from the Village area.

3.)      18th Century eyewear only is permitted. Reproduction eyewear or contact lenses are allowed. No modern eyewear is permitted.

4.)      Men’s clothing and appearance typical of the 18th. Century is required. The following items are strictly prohibited: calico shirts, long fringed buckskins, “Mountain Man” clothing, western clothing and capotes. Facial hair is acceptable but no long sideburns or goatees.

5.)      Women’s clothing and appearance typical of the 18th. Century is required. Simple gowns, petticoats, shifts, short gowns, or bed jackets are permitted. The following items are strictly prohibited: make-up, calico print clothing, off the shoulder shifts, bodices worn as outer garments. All modern hairstyles must be covered with a cap or scarf.

6.)      Footwear includes 18th Century shoes or moccasins. No modern footwear, modern style moccasins (Dyers, Arrow style), slippers, Mary Jane’s, or Chinese slippers are permitted.

7.)      Shelters that are acceptable include simple lean-to’s, diamond fly’s, marquees, wedge or wall tents. Prohibited shelters include Civil War tents (no 2 piece wedge tents that button down the ridge), teepees, Bakers, Walens, Center poles, or modern nylon tents.

8.)      All coolers and non-period items are to be left outside the Village area unless totally concealed with period coverings.

9.)      All food and drink consumed by participants must be in an 18th Century period cup, mug, or plate, etc.

10.)   Any alcoholic beverages are not permitted by order of the State of Ohio Park regulations.

11.)   No cigarettes, brown cigars-like cigarettes, or cigars are allowed at any time while you are in period clothing. This includes the parking area, restrooms, etc. Only 18th Century period pipes are permitted.

12.)   No animals of any kind will be allowed in the village as per order of the Ohio Historical Society

13.)   Minor children are the sole responsibility of the parent or legal guardian.

14.)   No cameras are to be used while in period clothing.

15.)   Firearms will be checked for safety by the event staff. Only staff or selected volunteers may demonstrate a firearm. Staff must be notified prior to any firearm demonstration. Only adults may handle edges weapons or tools.

16.)   Tables must be correct 18th Century or skirted to the ground. No modern staples may be used to secure the covering.

17.)   The Jury process closes on Sept. 30 2022 . No one will be juried after that date for any reason. No one will be juried at the door. Decision of the Jury Committee is final.

18.)    Each participant must register in person upon arrival at the Village. Hours of registration: Thursday 9am-6pm. Friday 9am-6pm.   NO setup on Friday until after 1 pm due to School Day

19.)   This event is run totally by volunteers. Please help us by leaving your cabin or camp in the same condition as you found it!

20.)  No fire pits are allowed. There are 10 fire areas allowed by Ohio History Connection. These fire areas are all spoken for. You can use a brazier or share a fire area but no other fires are allowed inside the village